A B O U T  R U B I A  C A L D E I R A

Brazilian-born - Sweden-made and Marbella-based Artist.
Rubia Caldeira's passion for painting and loving for details is prevalent in her works. Her style is characterized by strong and playful visual expressions with lots of energy.
Her pieces are hand painted and the material she works with is Oil, acrylic, Diamod Dust, 24 carat gold, swarovski crystals.

The combination of the influences she received from both Brazil and Sweden is perhaps what distinguishes her art the most. Brazil’s chaotic, colorful and joyful life philosophy versus Sweden’s more organized, balanced and minimal style.
Rubia established a successful career as a Artist and developed a presence in her own solo events worldwide.
Her works are collectible and highly valuable, with clientele including commissioned pieces for meny privat collectors.

Rubia is also working with the concept of “selfie art” where she brings photos to life on a canvas – in classic Rubia-style of course. But even the body and its movements have been an important source of inspiration. Besides being an artist, Rubia is also a sought-after dancer and model, something that is reflected in her art.

Rubia has also been involved actively with giving back to the community and dedicates her time and talent to organizations. 2019 she was invited to the Global Gift Gala in Marbella, organized by the Global Gift Foundation with Maria Bravo and Eva Longoria where Rubia was one of the artists who shared and donated her art, to create a positive impact in women, children and family's lifestyle who live in a situation of need.
Rubia has painted portraits to Pope Francis (2015), Beyoncé (2017), Jelena Karleuša (2017) and Eros Ramazzotti (2019) to name a few.

   - Rubia Caldeira


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